Community Driven Character Education

"Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education."
-Martin Luther King Jr.

Public school teachers and administrators have a tough job.

Now more than ever, public schools must instill character as well as provide academic instruction. And neither option can be neglected. The students’ education is the highest priority, but character is vital to reduce negative classroom behavior and to improve academic performance. Schools must have both.


This dynamic creates crippling budgetary and personnel challenges. Resources invested in character education must be diverted from academic instruction. Filling both roles exhausts the personal and emotional resources of educators, contributing to higher rates of burnout. And outside resources are quickly depleted as more and more stable families leave public education in favor of private schools or homeschool options.


What can be done? How can schools, families, and communities work together to navigate these complex realities?

Enter LifeWise Academy.

See LifeWise In Action

What is LifeWise Academy?

Who benefits from LifeWise Academy?​


Improve in classroom

behavior and academic



Receive character education at no cost to the school budget.


Produce citizens with

improved character.


How We Do It

1 - We Keep It Legal

LifeWise Academy is keenly aware of the need to keep public and religious institutions separate. We are diligent to adhere to relevant laws and policies, namely the maintenance of a program that is (1) privately funded, (2) off school property, and (3) inclusive of only students with parental permission.


2 - We Keep It Simple

LifeWise Academy focuses on the central messages of the Bible. We avoid getting bogged down in the finer points of religious doctrine. Instead, we focus on the most foundational themes that speak to the issues common to all people.


3 - We Keep It Practical

LifeWise Academy seeks to create real and lasting change for students, schools, and communities. We continually look for ways to make instruction not only conceptual, but also actionable.


Attention Educators

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